Leveraging social media to explode your sales.

Dear business owner,

Social media marketing can be difficult. We completely get it. 

Would it be easier if I said we have the way to create an explosion for your sales pipeline?

If so then you must read this:

Facebook and Instagram collectively see 3.6 billion people log into the applications each month. From that many of them are buyer's looking for your product or service daily.

That number is ridiculous, right? So now imagine how many sales you could be getting from tapping into this market!

So where do we come into this equation?

We are experts in this industry, providing and implementing killer social media strategies for customers that see sales like never before. 

Your next question is probably why us, instead of another agency?

The reason why people choose us is simple.

We ensure thorough knowledge of your business and desired outcomes,

whilst being extremely competitive in price. We want to work with your business closely to ensure success.

If even then you feel this is not enough, we offer strategic planning with your business for free (worth $500) prior to any relationship being formed (no obligations)!

So why not give it a go?

The BluFire Social Media Marketing Model

If you have read up to here, your probably realising that we are pretty unique in how we do things. 

So similarly, we are going to be unique in how we build our social media models.

At BluFire, our digital agency focuses on ensuring uniqueness to your business model. We don't want to waste your budget on an ad that was built for someone else, so we guarantee it will be unique to your business.

What we want to do is ensure you leverage your social media to generate the best returns possible.

We will continually monitor and provide progress on your ad's performance to ensure you are comfortable with how your hard-earned is being spent. 

So after-all why don't you just hit that button and see some results?