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Our Expert Google Ads Strategy

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Initial Meeting and Research

At Blufire, we believe in understanding your business in its entirety. From the front desk to the last line of stock in the back of the warehouse. From this we can understand your objective and targets as a business. This includes creating copy that will engage your audience on Google and separate you from your competitors to drive more traffic to your website.


Ongoing Communication

The speedy turnaround means we will be able to consult you on the final strategy and make sure it align with your goals and outcomes. As a premier provider of Google ads in Melbourne, we complete out final checks of;

  • Is it specific to your business?


AdWords Optimisation & Retargeting

After the campaign is live, our involvement doesn't end there. As a Google ads agency, we closely monitor performance metrics in real time to ensure your ads deliver the desired results.


Google Ads Agency based in Richmond

Google Ads tailored to your business, your customers and your needs.

Staying ahead on search means being ready to innovate. That’s where we come in. We’ve got over a decade of digital marketing experience, a head for numbers and a passion for creative, out-of-the-box thinking, and we’re a Google Premier Partner. Ready for campaigns designed with your success in mind? You’re in the right place.

Search Ads

Search ads designed for your audience

Search ads allow for your business to be seen at the top of the page for those looking for more information or wanting to buy right now.

customisation at our core

■ We remove any cookie-cutter solutions.
■ We are truly looking into your business’s unique selling points.
■ We tailor strategies that align precisely with your aspirations.
■ We aim to maximize every dollar spent on your campaign.

We create shopping ad campaigns that maximise your return on ad spend.

Our Purpose Is Simple:  Create Success For Your Business.

At Blufire, we believe in creating shopping ads that maximise every dollar spent.

Our data-driven approach, allows us to continue to optimse the content both on the ad side and on the website side to optimise for results (money in your pocket)

Using tools such as Clarity and Google Analytics, we can build ongoing strategies to fine tune your results month on month.

We Build Google Shopping Ads Campaigns That Are Meant For Your Business.

Our Purpose Is Simple:  Create Success For Your Business.

Display ads are a valuable tool for driving traffic to your website, especially from users who have previously shown interest in your brand. Although the initial traffic might not always lead to immediate conversions, display ads allow you to retarget these users, giving you multiple opportunities to convert them on other sites.

Whether it’s a user’s first or fourth visit to your website, display ads offer a way to attract traffic through channels not directly related to search terms. With display ads, you can continuously target potential customers, keeping your brand at the forefront of their minds and increasing the chances of future conversions.

Retargeting specifically helps by showing personalized ads to users based on their prior interactions with your site, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of your campaigns​. This approach can significantly improve the performance of your ads by ensuring that your message resonates with users, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates​.

Good Google Ads Turn Searches into Leads & Leads into Customers

Google Ads management is more than just...

The Blufire Experience means we use data analytics to drive performance and provide a genuine experience and environment when working with your digital marketing agency for Google Ads management.

We are a data-driven and supported by an experienced team of industry experts using cutting-edge techniques that set us apart to provide you with a genuine Google Ads Agency located in Melbourne.
What truly differentiates us?

What truly differentiates us?

■ We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions
We delve deep into the nuances of your
■ Business, understanding your unique needs and aspirations.
■ This allows us to tailor our strategies with laser-like precision to your specific goals.

Here's what our better Google Ads management looks like

Leverage A Google Ads Agency With A Free Audit Of Your Current Performance.

■ We analyze where your business is in the market.
■ We provide you 3 strategies for you to put into your Google ads campaign today
■ We buy you a coffee

Whats the downside?


Words from our valued clients

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from 21 reviews on Google

6 Reasons To Choose Bluefire As Your Google Ads Agency


ROI-focused Google Ads Agency

Blufire’s focus is on skyrocketing your sales through Google Ads & a crazy ROAS through targeted keywords. ROI must be prioritized to ensure a powerful Google ads strategy.


Unlimited Ad

We will build all ads completely done-for-you. What if you don’t like the first, second, or third draft? We will fix it and send it straight back to you until you are 100% satisfied!


Cutting Edge Technology

We pride ourselves on leveraging the best technology for your Google ad campaign. This is why we provide complimentary use to our proprietary marketing software that provides you with automation for SEO, blogging & LinkedIn!


Experienced AdWords Management Team

Our team comprises Google ad experts with 6+ years of experience across all Google ad network types, ensuring that your campaign is in capable hands.



We believe in complete transparency. Our clients receive 24/7 access to a live Google Ads performance report that tracks their campaigns.


Exceptional Customer Service

At Blufire, customer service is a core pillar. We ensure that this is expressed throughout our campaigns. We want you to know what we know as soon as we know it so that you can trust your Google Ads partner.

Google Ads Results

Let's craft a campaign that performs like this


LaTrobe Golf Park

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We do more than just Google Ads

our Dream is to build success stories


Skill Developing

We will build all ads completely done-for-you. What if you don't like the first, second, or third draft?


Content Creation

We will build all ads completely done-for-you. What if you don't like the first, second, or third draft? We will fix it and send it straight back to you until you are 100% satisfied!


Creative Production

We will build all ads completely done-for-you. What if you don't like the first, second, or third draft?


Brand Strategy

We advise on brand strategy and where your business is positioned compared to the market online and identify areas of opportunity for growth both on and offline


Continuous Optimisation

This process never really stops as there are always changes that can assist a digital campaign through paid channels.


Educational Approach

We want you to be a part of the process and learn from us so that you can more informed on the methods we use to get you leads
google Ads Results

Let’s craft a campaign that performs like this

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0 k
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