Latrobe Golf Park's insane advertising results!

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Who is the client?

LaTrobe Golf Park recently went under a large renovation, removing their outdoor driving range and replacing this with 10 world class indoor golf simulators! 

Latrobe Golf Park boasts a great venue for people of all ages to enjoy! They have 36 mini golf holes, 10 indoor Golf Simulators & a great venue for functions!

Since their recent renovation, the goal was for us to get the word out about their new product for locals to come and enjoy!

What was the challenge?

They recently went through a large renovation, closing their outdoor driving range & building indoor golf simulator’s. These can be a major hit, with many wanting to train and refine their golf skills, or to just have a hit with mates.

The goal was the raise awareness and drive conversions so they can begin improving their customer loyalty base.

This challenge was fought through both Google Ads & Meta Ads. 

What was our Strategy?


Content Strategy

To begin, we had to see what the audience enjoyed and why. We produced content and videos for both Mini Golf and the Golf Simulators to ensure both key audiences to the Golf Park have been targeted correctly. We produced 8 ads to initially test.


Creative Testing

Once we had the ads created, we needed to test what worked and what didn’t. We instantly started with running each ad through different ad sets to isolate performance. From here, we determined what was a winning ad, and what was not. We could then build similar ads to what is working to continue to grow the accounts.


Strategy Refinement

Once we had this process working, it was about testing new offers in the market to see what the audience wanted. Some worked, some did not. This is part of the strategy refinement process which caused improvements to overall ROI & success through paid advertising channels.

Performance results

Over the past 4 months, the campaign has been performing very successfully. We have continued to grow the ROI & improve ROAS from 4x when we first started to over 12x currently.

Recently we have shifted strategies to promote leads filling in contact us forms to enable the client with better ROI customers with a larger party size.


Want to be like Latrobe Golf Park?

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