What is a free Google Ads audit & why is it important?

Google ads is used by many businesses to draw in extra traffic to their site to sell more of their product / service to their target audience!

However, a lot of the time Google Ads accounts have not been optimised correctly, leading to the business leaving money on the table & a low ROAS. 

To help this, we provide a complete Google Ads account audit so you can identify potential fixes to complete. 

So, what is included?

Example display of performance tracking software used by Blufire for their clients
Since engaging with Blufire, our website has been a hallmark of getting new business. The website was done so quickly and it was something that I thought would take ages so I am very grateful.
BSquared Entertainment
Blufire's expert, tailored approach has dramatically increased our online visibility, driving more traffic to our site and increasing our sales.
Cheapest Liquor

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What should I do with my audit?

Once you receive your Google Ads audit, it will be broken into sections based on importance. Sections that are easier to do yourself, we highly recommend you do this ASAP as it can improve your Google Ads immediately.

For sections that are more complex and potentially less impactful, we would recommend you contact an Google Ads consultant, such as Blufire to fix these issues for you. 


Frequently Asked Questions?

What is Included in Blufire's Free Google Ads Audit?

Blufire’s free Google Ads audit includes a comprehensive review of your campaign’s structure, keyword analysis with recommendations, location targeting review, and overall account health assessment. This audit is essential for identifying optimization opportunities and improving Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

How Can Blufire's Google Ads Audit Improve My Campaign's Performance?

The audit provided by Blufire aims to enhance your Google Ads campaign by pinpointing underperforming aspects and suggesting improvements. It helps in increasing traffic to your site and selling more products or services to your target audience, ultimately leading to a higher ROAS​.

What Should I Do After Receiving My Google Ads Audit from Blufire?

Post-audit, Blufire categorizes findings based on importance. Immediate actions are recommended for simpler sections to enhance your Google Ads swiftly. For more complex issues, it’s advised to consult a Google Ads consultant like Blufire for specialized assistance.