Meet the Founders!

Blufire was founded by Brendan & Cameron early 2023 to service a clear gap in digital marketing; transparency & data analytics.

Brendan Ellich

Managing Director

Brendan Ellich, living in Melbourne, Australia, stands as a testament to innovative leadership and forward-thinking in the world of digital marketing. As the Co-Founder and Managing Director of BluFire, Brendan has melded his extensive experience and academic acumen into creating a dynamic marketing agency that prioritizes research-driven and result-oriented strategies for its clients.

Before founding BluFire, he made significant contributions at ASENO, an innovative energy retailer startup. Yet, it was the development and triumphant launch of the iOS app, Drivebuddy, that underscored Brendan’s ability to gauge market needs and offer effective solutions. This venture showcases his adeptness at overseeing an entire product journey while tackling the diverse challenges modern businesses encounter.

Goal for Blufire

“I re-established Blufire with Cameron to serve a specific industry gap that marketing agencies lacked – transparency with results & data analytics driven results. We want to provide businesses with the capability to leverage their internal data to drive better business decisions.

Moreover, transparency tied with efficiency is core to our business model. We want to provide clients with great results while ensuring we do so efficiently. I hate when it takes ages for sh*t to get done, so I would not want this for our clients.”

Cameron James

Head of strategic Growth

Cameron exemplifies pioneering leadership qualities essential for his role as a Co-Founder and Head of Strategic Growth at Blufire. In this capacity, he leverages his profound leadership acumen and exemplary communication skills to seamlessly bridge client needs with sophisticated digital marketing strategies.

Prior to establishing Blufire, Cameron honed his expertise in the dynamic start-up ecosystem at Future Super, where he played a pivotal role in sustainability screening and investment management. His professional journey also encompasses significant tenure in sales and marketing, particularly within the construction sector, where he engaged intimately with small business operations. This diverse exposure to both small-scale and large-scale business environments has equipped Cameron with a unique ability to empathise with client challenges, thereby enabling him to tailor digital strategies that align precisely with client objectives and Blufire’s strategic vision.

Goals for Blufire 

“Blufire is and always will be driven to provide a complete digital marketing service that prioritizes performance, communication, and efficiency. You’re long term digital marketing solution.”