What is a free SEO audit & why is it important?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vital to improve your search rankings on search engines.

Our SEO audits are comprehensive, detailing all key sections of your digital performance along with methods to improve it today to see improvements for your website.

So, what is included?

  • Complete overview of your website, including ranking keywords & monthly organic traffic
  • On-page SEO errors & recommendations on how to fix this.
  • Backlink audit – see if you could benefit from improvements with off-page linking.
  • Blog audit. If you have any blogs we will read and see whether these are providing a benefit to your website!
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Since engaging with Blufire, our website has been a hallmark of getting new business. The website was done so quickly and it was something that I thought would take ages so I am very grateful.
BSquared Entertainment
Blufire's expert, tailored approach has dramatically increased our online visibility, driving more traffic to our site and increasing our sales.
Cheapest Liquor

Brands we have worked with!

What should I do with my audit?

Once you receive your SEO audit, it will be broken into sections based on importance. Sections that are easier to do yourself, we highly recommend you do this ASAP as it can improve your SEO immediately.

For sections that are more complex and potentially less impactful, we would recommend you contact an SEO consultant, such as Blufire to fix these issues for you. 

We also recommend you do not edit your robots.txt file if recommended unless you have prior experience working with it.


Frequently Asked Questions?

What is an SEO audit and why is it important for my website?

An SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis of your website’s performance in search engines. It includes a review of on-page SEO errors, backlink profiles, and blog content to identify areas of improvement. This audit is crucial as it helps in enhancing search engine rankings, increasing website traffic, and ensuring the overall effectiveness of your digital presence.

How does an SEO audit improve my website's search engine rankings and traffic?

By conducting an SEO audit, you can discover optimization opportunities to enhance your website’s performance. It helps in improving search engine rankings and increasing website traffic by addressing issues like keyword targeting, technical glitches, and content gaps. This optimization results in a more user-friendly and search-engine-friendly website​.

What are the key elements examined in an SEO audit?

An SEO audit evaluates the technical infrastructure of your site, including on-page elements and off-page essentials. It looks at aspects such as page load speed, broken links, content effectiveness, and backlink quality. Addressing these elements helps in optimizing search engine visibility, usability, and overall website conversion rates​.

How often should I perform an SEO audit for maintaining website performance?

Regular SEO audits are essential for the long-term success of your website’s performance. It’s recommended to perform these audits periodically to keep up with the latest search engine algorithms and to continually improve your site’s search engine friendliness and user experience.

In what ways does an SEO audit contribute to my website's inbound marketing strategy?

An SEO audit provides a tailored view of your website’s performance in search engines, helping you understand its strengths and weaknesses. This insight is crucial for devising and implementing a clear SEO strategy, thus improving your website’s inbound marketing by attracting more qualified traffic and increasing engagement.