How we increased Cheapest Liquor's growth by over 830% in 60 days

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Who is the client?

Cheapest Liquor emerges as a fresh contender in the liquor delivery sector, aiming to revolutionize the market with its innovative approach. The client aspires to introduce affordable alcohol prices, distinguishing itself by integrating a subscription model into this arena. This unique approach is designed to foster customer loyalty and convenience, enabling consumers to enjoy premium beverages without the premium price tag. With a dedication to quality and value, Cheapest Liquor is poised to redefine industry standards, offering a seamless and cost-effective solution for liquor enthusiasts.

What was the challenge?

The central challenge was to optimize their SEO ranking strategically before the official launch.

Achieving this would ensure a robust influx of organic traffic, laying a solid foundation for the brand’s online presence and minimizing reliance on ad spend.

This endeavor required a meticulous approach, balancing technical know-how with market insights, to position Cheapest Liquor effectively among established competitors.

What was our Strategy?


Technical SEO planning

We begun with diagnosing their current market position. We established all on-page SEO errors that need to be rectified. We then created a strong SEO blueprint to be followed to ensure strong long term website growth. This involved most critical errors to fix & best practices to follow throughout the work.


Product page optimisation

Since Cheapest Liquor sells alcohol, they had over 2,000 product pages. We immediately decided that we have to build a bullet proof SEO template for all product pages. This was primarily; meta descriptions, meta titles, product description & image sizing. Once the groundwork was completed, we rolled out our strategy.  


Conversion Rate Optimisation

Once SEO compliance was achieved & we begun to rank in search results, we started to track where users dropped off the website to change up variable stages to ensure higher conversion rates for the customer. This involved various recommendations, such as presenting more product pages for each size available. 

Performance results

Once we created our technical plan & begun implementation, results began. We started to see ranking keywords grow steadily, with clicks to the website improving accordingly. 

The ranking keywords drove high converting keywords, with a incredibly high pre-signup rate for early access.

Want to be like cheapest liquor?

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